The mild climate and the conformation of the territory in the luxuriant countryside surrounding Calasetta make it an ideal place for outdoor holidays, in all seasons and for walks and excursions by boat, on horseback, by mountain bike or on foot, in search of the ancient vestiges of numerous nuraghes and the very rich spontaneous flora and fauna, even for birdwatchers.
A beautiful beach “Sottotorre”, and a descent to the sea of rocks “Scoglio di Sabetta”, open directly onto the village and will be the background to admire the regattas.
just one kilometer far from the town is the beautiful beach of “La Salina”, with its white sand, is surrounded by dunes rich in spontaneous flora and enriched by the pond that was the salt pan where migratory birds like flamingos, knights of Italy, egrets and herons live.
“Spiaggia Grande”, 3 km from the town, is considered the favorite beach for windsurfers, at its head is the ancient Tonnara, founded in the 18th century, which now houses the disused tuna processing plant. The peak, poignant for its beauty, is rich in Mediterranean maquis and garrigue, overlooking the island of San Pietro and the reef of Mangiabarche, embellished by the romantic lighthouse.
on the east coast of the island of Sant'Antioco in an area between "punta Trettu" and "sa barra" we find the ideal environment for windsurfing and kitesurfing, thanks to the constant mistral wind and little wave for the shallow water.
The southern coast of Calasetta, leave the beaches, is characterized by a high cliff of lava stone, trachyte, red and black, with cliffs overlooking the sea and an unusual and much appreciated landscape, for the views, the sunsets, the colors, the aromas and the numerous spontaneous blooms, among which the numerous endemic aromatic species stand out, such as lavender, thyme, rosemary and helichrysum, and numerous species of spontaneous orchids whose protection and preservation are very important to the so many Calasettans and tourists who are passionate about nature and photography.
We are certain that Calasetta will make you fall in love, it will be a wonderful place to compete in the regattas of the world championship and will offer companions, friends and relatives who accompany the athletes the opportunity of an unforgettable holiday.